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Instructor Name:Steven A. Crawford

Steven A. Crawford, is a 8th Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu, under Kenneth Penland. He has a 2nd Dan Kenpo, a 6th Dan in American Karate, a 2nd Dan in Combat Grappling and a 2nd Dan To-Shin Do JuTaijutsu.


Other Information: Steven A. Crawford Sr.
Former Chief Inspector for MMA
Kansas State Athletic Commission 
ISCF USA Vice President Representative
ISCF Judges & Referees Certification Representative  
(816) 728-7360
E-mail: crawfordsmma@gmail.com

About : Steven A. Crawford, Sr.
Founded American Ju-Jitsu Systems in 1995

1995 to Present
Founder of American Ju-Jitsu, 1995  
Seven affiliated schools.

2006: Hired on as Chief Inspector for Mixed Martial Arts, By Aaron M. Davis Boxing Commissioner of Kansas
2006: Opened AJJ School in Blue Springs MO, at Summit Fitness II

2006:  United States Martial Arts Association Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to Rank of 4th dan JuJitsu by Grandmaster Philip Porter Inducted into the 2002 Hall of Fame.

2005: Curtis Stout went to Cage Rage 14in Wembley Conference center in London, England to fight Anderson Silva vs Curtis Stout.
December 2, 2005

2004: Was promoted to The ISCF Advisory Board by
ISCF President Steve Fossum / http://www.iscfmma.com/AdvBoard.htm

2004: June 19 Coach, Trainer of Curtis Stout, competitor of UFC 48. Match 2

2003: Promoted to the of Rank Nidan in the art of To-shin Do Jutaijutsu 
(#31) by Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes and 5th Dan Tom Maienza.

2002: Curtis Stout, goes to Russia and fights Andrei Semenov Match 14

2003:With the help of Jeff Osborn, Mr. Crawford opens the Amature
division of Hook-n-Shoot

2001: opened 3 new schools – Missouri, Colorado, California.
Inducted into the 2000 Pankration Hall of Fame.
Inducted into the 2002 U.S.M.A.A. Hall of Fame.
Coached and Trained, 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal winners in the 2000 Nationals in Athens, Greece.

Won 4 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal, in the Ken Shamrock North American Pan Am Games in San Diego, CA

Trainer of the Iowa State Heavyweight Cage Fighting Champion, Brad Jones

Students earned 50 Gold Medals in USA Pankration Federation.

Coach and Trainer of Champion in the 2nd Annual Black Out or Tap Out 140 lbs. Division, Travis Phippen.
Coach and Trainer of 3rd place winner in Abu Dhabi trials Championships, Travis Phippen.

Coach, Trainer and Manager of Curtis Stout, competitor of UFC 30. Match 2

2001: Coached the first tag team Submission Grappling Champions Brad Jones and Jobe Duran (Evansville, Ind.)

2001: Promoted to the of Rank Shodan in the art of To-shin Do Ninjutsu by Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes and 4th Dan Tom Maienza.

2002: Curtis Stout went to Russia and fought the number one middle weight fighter, but lost to a rear naked choke.

2003: There’s a new show in town, Cowtown Rumble; we have entered 24 fighters so far and have only three loses. 21 and 3 updated 10/23/03

2000: USAFPA (Federation of Pankration Athlima) Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to the Rank of 5th Dan Pankration by John Townsley 8th Dan.

1999: United States Martial Arts Association Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to Rank of Shodan JuJitsu by Grandmaster Philip Porter Inducted into the 2002 Hall of Fame.

1999: Malibu Martial Arts Association Malibu, CA Kansas Affiliated Instructor Promoted to Rank of Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt Combat JuJitsu, By Master Santos Flaniken.

1998: International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation Chicago, IL Kansas Affiliated Instructor Promoted to Certified Self Defense Instructor Under Carlson Gracie, Jr.

1994: Present I.K.C.A. Association  (#37 names down)
 Seals Beach, CA Kansas Affiliated School Owner Received 1st Dan in Kenpo, by Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan Opened Crawford’s I.K.C.A. Kenpo Karate school Tested and oversaw the development of the 1996 version of the Ultra Man Kenpo Dummy.

1985 Present: Shorinji ryu JuJitsu
Kansas City, KS Senior Instructor Representative Expanded Shorinji ryu JuJutsu to the Midwest Promoted to 5th Dan on 4/2/00 by Grandmaster Ken Penland. Implemented training course for new schools.

1978 1980: Midwest Aikido Federation Kansas City, MO Student in Training / by Master Fred Newman. 

1976 to 1978: Marlboro Community Judo Club Kansas City, MO Student in Training / by John Olsen.
1976 Marlboro 160 lbs. Midwest Judo Champion Against Jim Harrison’s Judo Club.
1977 Marlboro 172 lbs. Midwest Judo Champion
1978 Marlboro 180 lbs. Midwest Judo 2nd Place Against Jim Harrison’s Judo Club

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Welcome to Crawford’s Mixed Martial Art

Steve Crawford 816-728-7360


Also visit www.crawfordsajj.com




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American Jujitsu/ Brazilian Jiujitsu Self-Defense, No Gi, is at 

68 Inside Sports the Fields

9111 Flint Street, Overland Park, KS 66214

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Bobby Voelker make’s it to the UFC

  More to come soon

That’s now three fighters for American Jujitsu that has made it to the UFC!

1. Curtis Stout


2. Rob Kimmons and NOW 3. Bobby Voelker




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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Steven A. Crawford
Steven A. Crawford, is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu, under Kenneth Penland. He has a 1st Dan Kenpo, a 2nd Dan in American Karate, a 2nd Dan in Combat Grappling and a 2nd Dan To-Shin Do JuTaijutsu.


Brad Jones
Brad is one of the highest ranking Sport American Jujitsu students. He is a Veteran of MMA. Mr. Jones has fought, Bobby Hoffman and Guy Mezger to name a couple.


Eric Pence


Rob Kimmons
Rob Kimmons is a Black Belt Instructor in Sport American Jujitsu of Kansas City. He is also a 7 time UFC Vet.


Tarek Taif
Tarek Taif is a Black Belt in Sport & Traditional American Jujitsu


Leo Pla
Leo Pla is a Black Belt instructor in Sport American Jujitsu in Colorado


Kerry Henson
Kerry Henson is a Black Belt instructor of Sport & Traditional American Jujitsu in Chanute, Kansas


Rudy Bears
Rudy Bears is a Black Belt in Sport American Jujitsu and in Kenpo, He runs American Jujitsu’s Caveman Crew in Raytown


Chad Parks
Chad Parks is a Black Belt instructor of Sport American Jujitsu in Topeka, KS


Farron Otis
Farron Otis is a Black Belt in Sport & Traditional American Jujitsu in Missouri


Chad Sullivan
Chad Sullivan is a Black Belt in Traditional American Jujitsu


Tim Mai
Tim Mai is a Black Belt instructor in in Sport & Traditional American Jujitsu in Alabama


Kirk Mata
Kirk is a Brown Belt instructor in Sport & Traditional American Jujitsu


Barry Foval
PMA Law Enforcement Ground Fighting Instructor


AJJ Schools

Crawford’s 68 Sports MMA (American JuJitsu Headquarters)
Steven A. Crawford, Founder/Owner

 9111 Flint St, Overland Park, KS 66214
(816) 728-7360

Schneider’s & Bear’s MMA (American JuJitsu)
Rudy Bear, Owner/Head Instructor
6125 Blue Ridge Road, Raytown, MO 64212
(816) 721-9107

Henson’s Self-Defense (American JuJitsu)
Kerry Henson (620-433-0482)
620 N. Washington, Chanute, KS 66720
“The Church of Pain”

Howard’s MMA (American JuJitsu)
Rob & Jordan Howard
American Jujitsu-Jefferson City
ATA Martial Arts- Osage Beach
2801A West Truman Blvd. 

573 353-1427

www.midmissourimma.comPla’s MMA (American JuJitsu), Parker, CO
Leo Pla
Owner/ Head Instructor


Parks, (American Jujitsu), Topeka, KS

Chad Parks, Head Instructor

Varner’s MMA (American JuJitsu)

William D. Varner Jr.
Virginia Beach Academy of Martial Arts
3440 Chandler Creek Rd. #104
Virginia Beach, VA. 23453
3rd degree black belt Russian Jiu-jitsu (Sambo)
3rd degree black belt American Jujitsu
Maupins MMA (American JuJitsu)
John Maupins –
Maupins American Jujitsu
5915 S. Limit, Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 221-1410

Ring and Cages MMA Equipment (American JuJitsu)

 Chad Sullivan, Head Instructor
315 Main Street,  Bucyrus, KS 66013
(913) 669-8582
Roger Partridge, (American Jujitsu), Collins, MO
2685 SE. Old HWY 13 Collins, MO 64738
MidMo Fight Club, 660-525-6429
Tim Mai, (American Jujitsu), Mobile, AL

Integrity Defense Academy

Eric Willis, (American Jujitsu), Topeka, KS

1400 S. Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612

Anthony Thomas, (American Jujitsu), Denham Springs, LA

31855 La Hwy 16, Denham Springs, LA 70726

Scott Heston, (American Jujitsu), Topeka, KS

(Heston’s Gladiator)

300 NE. 43rd St, Topeka, KS 66617

Carey Perkins, (American Jujitsu), Huntsville, AL

(Fight Style Fitness)

233c Stokes St, Huntsville, AL 35810









School Tree

American Jujitsu Genealogy

Ken Penland (RIP 10/8/06)
, Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu/ Aiki Jujitsu 10th Dan- Since 1985/ 7th Dan
George Alexander, Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu 10th Dan – Since 2006/ 7th Dan

John Townsley (RIP 5/22/18), USAFPA Pankration 9th Dan – Since 2012/ 8th Dan
Stephen K. Hayes, Jutaijutsu Ninjutsu 10th Dan – Since 2001/ 2nd Dan
SullivanLeRoux, Chinese Kenpo 10th Dan – Since 1994/ 1st Dan
Santo Flaniken, Sambo Grappling 5th Dan – Since 1998/ 2nd Dan
Sonny Hughes Aiki Jujitsu/ Judo 10th Dan – Since 1990/ 7th Dan
Carlson Gracie Jr, Self-Defense Instructor – 1998

Phil Porter (RIP 8/7/11), Jujitsu 10th Dan- Since 2006 / 4th Dan / 

John Olson/ Steve Scott, Judo/ Jujitsu – Since 1976 / 1st Dan / 2nd Dan

Ron & James, Hills Brother Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Luta Livre – Since 2000 / Purple Red

Leonardo Pecanha, Brazilian Jiujitsu Self-Defense – 2018 / 1st Degree



(B. 1960)


USMAA Certified Senior Rank Examiner / 2006

USMMA Certified Senior Instructor / 2006

ISRJJF Certified Senior Jujitsu Rank Examiner 2004

ISCF Certified Senior Grappling / Jujitsu Rank Examiner 2002

 Crawford’s American MMA Jujitsu of Overland Park, KS

    All Instructor may promote up to Brown Belt without permission, after Brown
You must get your Black Belt Diploma From AJJ Headquarters.

   Black Belt Instructors

10th Degree

Kenneth Penland 10th Dan (rip 10/08/06)
George Alexander 10th Dan

Sonny Hughes 10th Dan

Stephen K. Hayes 10th Dan

John Townsley 10th Dan (rip 5/22/18)

8th Degree

Steve Crawford 8th Dan

7th Degree

Eric Pence 7th Dan

6th Degree

Brad Jones 6th Dan
Tom Maienza 6th Dan

Jack “Ed” Bowman 6th Dan

5th Degree

Santos Flaniken 5th Dan

Anthony Thomas 5th Dan

4th Degree

Travis Phippen 4th Dan – KS
Kent Kerns 4th Dan – CO 

David Tice 4th Dan – CA

Vishal Seigell 4th Dan (Self-Defense Instructor) – India 5/15
Troye Blackmon 4th Dan – TX (RIP 1/31/20)

3rd Degree

Kerry Henson 3rd Dan – KS
Tarek Taif 3rd Dan – Jordan 5-10
Jobe Duran 3rd Dan – FL
Rob Kimmons 3rd Dan – MO

Herb Dean 3rd Dan – CA
Larry Landless 3rd Dan – CA
ar Garcia 3rd Dan – Mexico

Tim Mai 3rd Dan – AL 6/14/14

Chad Sullivan 3rd Dan – KS


2nd Degree

Christa Jacobson 2nd Dan – KS 

Phil Jones 2nd Dan – MO 4-11

Steve Schneider 2nd Dan – MO 2-10

Rudy Bears 2nd Dan – MO 8-12

Chad Parks 2nd Dan – KS 8-12

Leo Pla 2nd Dan – CO 8-12

1st Degree

Farron Otis 1st Dan – MO

Curtis Stout 1st Dan – KS 2018

Jack Toon 1st Dan – KS
Lester Griffin 1st Dan – CA
Dominic Brown 1st Dan – MO

Jason Tappendick 1st Dan – KS
Jimmy Standaert 1st Dan – KS 8/10
Sarah Schneider 1st Dan – MO

Kirk Mata 1st Dan – KS
Ron Jackson 1st Dan – KS 6/11

Van Powell 1st Dan – KS – 2/13
Derek Hammond 1st Dan – CP KS – 2/12
Justin Vest 1st Dan – CP KS 2/12

Aaron Ely 1st Dan – CP KS – 8/12

Kelvin Tiller 1st Dan – CP KS – 1/12

Jacob Akin 1st Dan – KS – 1/12 

Daniel Gallemore – CP KS – 7/12

Derek Holly 1st Dan – CP KS – 7/13


Are still teachers just not teaching right now

Lovena Turley 1st Dan – KS – Inactive

Dan Rinaman 1st Dan – IL / Inactive
Dave Falen 1st Dan – MO  – Inactive

Ethan Benda 1st Dan – MO 

Shawn Monday 3rd Dan – KS Inactive





Any students that wants their name under Mr. Crawford,
e-mail me your name at

Bobby Voelker 5-15-13 – Damiyahn Smith 1-15-09 – Dave Pucci – 

Erik Fernandez – Hardee Marritt – Ralph Diaz – Kyle Franz – Roger Partridge 1-15-09 

Joey Rodriguez 12/12/15 – Beau Derque 12/15/08 –Timehin Babalola 

Dr. Howard Rosenthal 5/7/08 – Jason Carley 7/12/11 – John Maupins 2/20/19 

Kelly Odneal – “Chief” Rob Haney –  Chad White – Dr. Bill Rosenberg
Dustin Kramer 3/1/12 – Brian Davidson – James Krause – Ken Porter- 

Sean Johnston – Phil Morgan – Ernesto Meneses 1/5/12 – David Curtin Feb 4 20

Adrian Rinas 12/22/08 – Andrei Baulin – Brandy Partridge – John Cornett – Rodney Borden –  

Chris Henning – Chris French – Daniel Cuevas – Fabian Ornelas – Florina Moeller 10/10/14 – 

Jeremy Morgan – Kevin Woltkamp – Lonnie Dodge – Matt Sudduth 1/10/17-  Richard Stack – 

Roosevelt Lyons 12/22/08 – Robert Jackson 12/22/08 -Stephen Rey 10/15/14-  

Rustam Khafizon 5/15/17 – Erick Palafox 4/1/13 – Will Bond 5/24/13 – Ryan Johnston 11/17/15- 

John Newark 12/23/15- Zeb Vincent 6/17/17 – Tsung Yen Wu 8/12/18 –  James Rose 2/15/18 –

Jordan Goff Jan 20

Andy Rebar – Andy Vailencourt –  Bo Webb – Bryan Jass – Bill Shaddox

David Seidel – Gregory Jackson – Geoffret Warner – Justin Pharr – Jason Pottenger – 

Jeremy Johnson – Frank Maion – Luke Parrett – Matt Boyd – Matt J. Loehr 7/28/08 – 

Max Imel – Neal Fletcher – Patty Crawford – Robert Sosaya – Robert Johns – 

Ted Kuether – Justin Haddock –  Vaughn Johnson – LaKendra Thomas – 

Will Harris – Zach Ely 

Youth Schools and Belt Colors

  5 yr 6 yr 7 yr 8 yr 9 yr 10 yr 11 yr 12 yr 13 yr 14 yr 15 yr 16 Adult 17 Adult 18 Adult 19 Adult 20 Adult 21 Adult
White 6 mo                                
Yellow     6 mo                            
Orange         6 mo                        
Green             6 mo                    
Blue                       6 mo          
Purple                       6 mo          
Brown                           6 mo      
Black                             6 mo    

If a Student is ready, They can stripe test every 6 months (4 stripes per belt)


Brad Jones, American Jujitsu, Overland Park, KS

Travis Phippen, American Jujitsu, Baseor, KS

Rob Kimmons, American Jujitsu, Independence, MO

Steve Schneider, American Jujitsu, Raytown, MO

Rudy Bears 2nd dan

Tarek Taif, American Jujitsu, Aman, Jordan

Phil Jones, American Jujitsu, Blue Springs, MO

Herb Dean, American Jujitsu, California

Larry Landless, American Jujitsu, California

Lester Griffin, American Jujitsu, California

Kerry Henson, American Jujitsu, Chanute, KS 

Chad Parks, American Jujitsu, Topeka, KS

Black Belts
Derek Hammond 2/12
Justin Vest 2/12

Aaron Ely 7/12

Derek Holly 7/13

Daniel Gallemore 7/12

Kelvin Tiller 1/12

Cody Trevino, Blue – Wayman Carter, Blue –

Jeff Albers, Blue – Marquis Ceaser, Purple –

Roger Partridge, American Jujitsu, Collins, MO
2685 SE. Old HWY 13 Collins, MO 64738
MidMo Fight Club, 660-525-6429

Ken Porter, Purple – Steve Koshko, Orange –
Brandy Partrige, Purple – Derek Wood, Blue
Shawn Fishburn, Orange – Dustin Bowles, Blue – Trevor Bowles, Orange

Anthony Thomas

Head Instructor of Xtreme Combat Martial Arts

5th Dan American Jujitsu 

USA Pankration 

5891 Old Marksville Hwy 

Pineville, La. 71360

Tim Mai, American Jujitsu, Mobile, AL

Integrity Defense Academy

New Info Coming Soon!!

Jason Tappendick, American Jujitsu, Salina, KS


Nick Tappendick, Sport Orange Belt 2/1/13 – Austin Anschutz, Student Green Belt 2/1/13


Stephanie Tappendick, Sport Blue Belt 2/1/13 – Tanner Gurtner, Sport Blue Belt 2/1/13

Adam Boyer, Sport Blue Belt 2/1/13 – Curtis Mar, Sport Blue Belt 2/1/13

William Pruitt, Student Blue Belt 2/1/13

These list of schools are from our Traditional side
Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo
Anshu Christa Jacobson
Kansas City, Ks
(913) 449-5367


Crawford’s Mixed Martial Arts
11301 W. 88th Street
 Overland Park, KS 66214 

American Jujitsu Fighters/ Competitors – train under 
Steve Crawford, Brad Jones, Eric Pence, Kent Kerns, Travis Phippen, Steve Schneider, David Tice, Hurb Dean, Larry Landless, Kerry Henson, Rob Kimmons, Matt Cox, Chris Henning, Lester Griffin, Phil Jones.
 If you don’t see your name on the Fighters page, Please go the Fighter Info Page, fill it out and hit send form. I will get the Info and update your info.   If you live in the area come by AJJ HQ and get a picture taking in front of the logo.
If you live else where
e-mail me a fight pose to put on the website. crawfordsmma@gmail.com 





Turner American Jujitsu Pankration Grappling Tournament Results

Nov 10 2012


Boys-Girls 40lbs

1st Strong Wright (crawford’s)

2nd Leah Schneider (caveman)

3rd MauricioBears (caveman)

Voss Smith (caveman)


Girls 50lbs

1st Lillian Bears (caveman)

2nd Danica Hammer (crawford)

3rd Briana Uhde (caveman)


Boys 60lbs

1st Richard Conejo (68 sports)

2nd Samuel Imes (crawford)

3rd Nadeem Jouhari (68 sports)

Norman Schneider (caveman) Moved up, see below 

Christian Nolan (crawford)

CJ Virdien (68 sports)


Girls 85lbs

1st Anaia Johnson (crawford)

2nd Anaiya Uhde (caveman)

3rd Aalijah Johnson (crawford)

Savannah Wright (crawford)


Boys 100lbs

1st Zain Austin (crawford)

2nd Andrew Fonseca (crawford)

3rd Carver Simonelii (crawford)

James Cochran (crawford)


Boys 110lbs

1st Ches Virden (68 sports)

2nd Chevy Wright (crawford)

3rd Cameron Bates (crawford)

Matthew Taylor (crawford)


Girls 115lbs

1st Miranda Cleavinger (68 sports)

2nd Briana Blew (crawford)

3rd Ayiana Uhde (caveman)


Boys 140lbs

1st Dakota Bates (crawford) Moved weight class, see below

1st Alex Poterbin (crawford)

2nd Noe Hernandez (68 sports)


Girls 165lbs

1st Jamie Banda (68 sports)

2nd ShaNinfa Dunn (caveman)


Special Awards

1st Norman Schneider moved up a weight class from 40lbs

to 60lbs to challenge himself.


1st Dakota Bates 170lbs

Dakota was the only one in his weight class,

So to challenge themself Alex Poterbin and Noe Hernandez, Grappled

Dakota so he could get some work in. 








Congrates to Tim on his Blue Belt Test 07/23/12


This is an email i got from Mr. John Townsley (April 13, 2012)


 To  Steve Crawford,
This message is to confirm your promotion to 8th Dan With the title Kyoshi. The Award Certificates to follow at a later date.




Best regard’s, John Townsley 9th Dan USA Karate Assn. Olympic NGB Board of Dir USA Pankration Fed, NGB  & Member FILA Olympic IGB Founder World & International Pankration Fed. Co-Founder US Karate Do Kai Board Of Advisors Taiho Jui Jitsu Assn. Board Of Advisors American Sport Education Program National Faculty Instructor U S Karate Assn. Board of Directors 



For Class Enrollment at Crawford’s MMA







Steves Teachers

Ken Penland 
For more info click on Mr. Penland 

         In Memory of Hanshi Ken Penland:

  We all will miss you

Mr.Penland is founder of Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu.
Plus he will be keeping a list of all belt ranks of Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu students.

Grand Master Ken Penland, Hanshi 10th Dan is an avid martial arts practitioner and enthusiast. He is the Chairman and founder of the International Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu Federation. He began studying martial arts as a boy in the 1950s. His first instructor was his father who was a member of the U. S. Army and a black belt in both Karate and Judo.

In 1962, Sensei Penland met Ed Parker and started training in Kempo Karate. About this same time he struck up a friendship with Harley S. Reagan and began training under his direction in Judo and Jujitsu. He then enlisted in the U.S. Army and was an Airborne Ranger serving in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.

Later, in the mid 1970s Sensei Penland trained under Grand Master Fusei Kise in Kenshinkan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo. He eventually served as a regional director for this organization. He then became affiliated with Grand Master Yuichi Kuda of the Shorin Ryu Matsumura Kempo Karate Association and served as a director of this organization as well.

He has also been an advisor for many other martial arts organizations. Currently, he is the Chairman of the International Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu Federation and a director of the International Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation.   


He has done extensive research on the martial arts and co-authored two books. The first is the Bubishi Martial Art Spirit and the second is the Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu training manual entitled Warrior Jujitsu.

He has also been featured in a series of videotapes on Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu. Through his efforts in his martial arts career, he has attained the rank of Hanshi 10th Dan, the highest rank in Jujitsu and 9th Dan in Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo, 5th Dan in Kendo and 6th Dan in Judo. He is currently the chief martial arts instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Jujitsu and defensive tactics dojo. 

Black Belts

Steven A. Crawford Renshi 7th Dan, 2007 (Kansas)
David Tice Renshi 7th Dan, 2006 (California)
Christa Jacobson 2nd Dan, 2003 (Kansas)
Troye Blackmon 2nd Dan, 2007 (kansas)
Matt Pollnow 1st Dan, 2004 (Canada)

Sonny Hughes


Sonny Hughes started training with the great Judo Gene LeBell before 1960. Mr. Hughes trained for several Olympics in Judo. He has trained with national Judo champion Hayward Nishioka, Gokor(#l teacher of leglocks in the world), world champion Benny the Jet Urquidez, Regan Machado, Roger Machado(first cousins of the Grades), 8th degree Judo master Tony Raven and many more. Mr. Hughes was an instructor and manager for 3 years of the Pasadena Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu studio.Sonny Hughes, a martial artist who was

Sonny has trained with some of the best martial artists in the world including Kazuo Shinohara, Al Thomas and Judo Gene LeBell. Sonny had the privilege and good fortune to train with LeBell when LeBell was at his best Sonny once saw LeBell beat the heavyweight Judo champion of the world in 1 minute and 40 seconds. He then beat the middleweight champion in less time and went on to beat 18 of the best Judo players in the world all in one night. LeBell combined Judo and wrestling and taught Sonny everything he knew. Some say that training with Sonny is just like training with Gene LeBell.

Sonny Hughes has diversified his training in martial arts to include grappling and kickboxing. He has 28 years of training in Muay Thai kickboxing with the great champion kick boxer Benny the Jet Urquidez who was voted the #1 martial artist over such greats as Chuck Norris, Bill Super Foot Wallace and heavyweight kickboxing champion Joe Lewis. He has also trained with Hay ward Nishioka National A.A.U. Judo champion and Gokor Chivichyan who is considered the foremost expert on leg locks in the world and world champion in Russian SAMBO and Judo.

Sonny holds several black belts in different styles of martial arts including an 8th degree in Jiu-jitsu and a 6th degree in Judo. Additionally and most noticeably Sonny has been the manager and an instructor for the Pasadena Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu studio for the past two years in Pasadena, California. He has trained and trained with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champions Rigan, John and Roger Machado sharpening his already skillful ground fighting skills while improving the brothers stand-up skills with his Judo and wrestling techniques.

                                       Santos Flaniken

                         No Description 

Santos Flaniken was born in Los Angeles, was an only child and was introduced to “killer wrestling” as a child. His father was a professional body builder who trained at the Hollywood YMCA and was introduced to “submission wrestling”, better known as “catch-wrestling” by the former world champion Al Baffert. Baffert was a highly recognized submission wrestler from Japan and training partner of Ed Strangler Lewis. Taylor Flaniken, already a tough and strong street fighter and amateur wrestler was schooled in the art of submission wrestling by Al Baffert.

Taylor’s only son Santos was taken to the gym regularly and joined the Judo Club at the Hollywood YMCA under Sensei Bob Oda and the father and son team named the Falcones’. This weekly workout lasted for over fifteen years. Between Santos’ interaction with Sensei Bob Oda, Al Baffert and the Pro Wrestling’s referee Bobby Coleman, young Santos became not only a formidable Judo player, but a highly skilled submission wrestler. The emphasis was on a series of techniques called “finishing holds”. In the 1960’s, Santos’ family friend Jack Rogers, a notorious Hollywood tough guy and boxing promoter, introduced Santos to the “toughest man alive” Judo Gene LeBell.

Santos’ first contact with LeBell left him with two black eyes, not from having been punched, but by having been “skidded off of” from the ever so powerful LeBell. “Awesome” is the only way to describe Judo Gene in his prime. His unfamiliar method of attack and finish was uncomprehendable from an outsiders frame of reference. LeBells combat training was just too much for the average tough guy, wrestler or fighter.

The inspired Santos made it a point to never ever stop training in the art of submission, thanks to the influence of Judo Gene!

Santos is one of only a handful of instructors who posesses a Black Belt Master ranking from Judo Gene LeBell and Gokor Chevichyan. He has also achieved a 7th Degree in Judo from Olympic Judo coach Phil Porter with Judo Gene’s blessing as club instructor. He is also, 7th Degree in JuJitsu from Shorinji Ryu in Osaka, Japan and holds instructors ranking from Gokor’s Hayastan School of Combat in Los Angeles.

Santos is quoted as having said “Gokor, thanks to Judo Gene LeBell, is the most gifted, technical submission martial artist in the world…he has more moves than any hundred men combined…his transitions are very advanced…he is unbeatable in the ground game… he is a young Gene LeBell!” He goes on to say “without the personal instruction of Gokor and Judo Gene’s constant input…I’d be at the bottom of the food chain”…..Santos has been featured as the Mixed Martial Arts athlete for Karate/Kung-Fu magazine, Black Belt magazine 2001, Black Belt Magazine 2003 and Grappling Magazine 2005.

Santos’ specialty is that of Extreme Finish. He has an assortment of submission skills which range from foot and leg control (the guard) to a wide range of chokes, rides, arm locks, leg locks, takedowns, and general submission techniques. He is a highly skilled combatant at 185 pounds. Beyond his athletic skills, Santos is a skilled martial arts teacher. He travels around the world and throughout the United States conducting seminars and spreading the technique that makes him an unbeatable coach. Presently, he teaches self defense, combat grappling, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu at Malibu Judo Club in Malibu California.

All the classes are taught by Santos himself, where he has a steady following of martial artists from all disciplines. The classes include professional NHB fighters, children and in many instances the parents, whose aim is to get in shape and learn self defense at the same time.


Chuck Sullivan & Vic LeRoux

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It was 1980 that things looked up again.  Vic LeRoux, who had been a student of mine from the time he was fourteen years old and later a co-worker and fellow instructor at Mr. Parker’s West L.A. school, came to me and said he’d like to get the “Old Gang” back together and open a dojo on his side of town.  I told him he’d never get the “Old Gang” back together but chances are he’d create a “New Gang.”  He asked me to be the Head Instructor It felt good to have a steady teaching thing again, instead of just an occasional get together with old friends.  And I was right about the Old and New Gangs.  But the New Gang of the Karate Connection School is now the Old Gang and the Old Gang from the Crenshaw school is now the Over The Hill Gang.  If that’s too hard to follow, don’t worry about it.  It just means we’re all getting’ old.

When Vic was about to open the Karate Connection I asked him exactly what it was he intended to teach.  He said, “The whole thing, all the techniques I taught at the West L.A. school”.  I told him it was too much.  Then I asked him if he had ever taught anyone all of that material.  He said, “Practically none, nobody ever stayed long enough”.  I asked if that didn’t give him some sort of clue, maybe something was wrong.  I told him how, in the early days there weren’t but a handful of techniques, so we concentrated on the basics.  I mean we really concentrated on the basics.  And the guys of that time were some of the finest practitioners of the Art I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from.  They were focused, the system was lean and the Old Man wouldn’t allow anyone to advance without impeccable basics.

Kenpo techniques have always been, and still remain, the most fascinating part of the Art.  It isn’t hard to understand why techniques won favor over strong hard basics and it was my observation that the instructors doing the actual teaching, wanted still more.  Their appetites seemed insatiable.  The basics were still there but they seemed to be gotten through as quickly as possible in order to get to those “Fabulous Kenpo Techniques”.   As the demand for techniques grew so did Mr. Parker’s ability to create them.  He once told me that with the number of basic moves he had to work with, the number of combinations was virtually limitless.  The only problem is, not all the combinations are worth putting together.  Some things just don’t blend and flow.  It’s always been my personal philosophy, if it doesn’t work don’t do it!

I told Vic, if I was going to act as Head Instructor we were going to have to go back to basics and cut down the number of techniques taught up to black belt.  My feeling was and still is, when a student got his or her black belt they could go and learn all the techniques they wanted, from where ever they might choose.  But we weren’t going to turn out Black belts who didn’t have the strongest basics we could give them.  The sum total of the Art is in the basics.  There’s never been a great practitioner in any style or system who didn’t have great basics.  Can’t be done.

Vic’s main concern was that if we cut the amount of techniques from what the Old Man had set up for each belt, he wouldn’t want us as an affiliate school.  I told him, there’s no way he wouldn’t want us as an affiliate school no matter what we do, just as long as we turn out Black belts he can be proud of.  We’re using his basics, aren’t we? We’re using his concepts and principals, aren’t we?

We wanted to be independent and affiliated at the same time and we achieved just that.  In fact we wore his club patch on the left side of the chest and our club patch on the right.

Mr. Parker acted as head judge and referee at our inter-dojo tournaments and participated in our promotion ceremonies. He awarded all the 1st degree black belts and all subsequent degrees in Black belt.  It was at the Karate Connection School in Hawthorne California that Vic and I received our last promotions from Mr. Parker on Oct. 27, 1981.

Toward the mid eighties Vic decided to pursue other business opportunities and closed the school.   I continued to teach a small select group until it was announced that Mr. Parker was himself teaching at his West L.A. school. It was such a pleasure to see him back on the mats again.  From then on, we all attended his classes.

By this time Vic had come back to full time teaching and had a couple of schools in the high desert about a hundred and fifty miles from L.A.  He immediately rescheduled his classes so that he could make the Old Man’s workouts.  Ed Parker drew black belts to himself like bees to flowers.  We had the opportunity to meet and workout with some great people from all over the world.  Each year around the time of the International Karate Championships in Long Beach they would flock to his studio. Sometimes the mats would be so full of high ranked black belts it was difficult to move but it was always fun.



Gracie Self Defense

This is not a Carlson Gracie, Jr. Jiu-Jitsu Competition Course it
is a Carlson Gracie Jr, Self-Defense Course taught by
Steven A. Crawford, Sr, Rank (diplomas/ certificates) and Belts 
will come from Mr. Crawford not Mr. Gracie.

This is a Self-Defense Course Starting at 68 Inside Sports, 

11301 W. 88th St

Overland Park, KS 66214


 We will take enrollments by phone or email.

We will need 10 students to start this Class.


Class times will be;

Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 6:30pm


This will be a gi (uniform) class.

Steve Crawford 816-728-7360


Carlson Sr. and Carlson Jr.

Carlson Gracie Self-Defense Team

Steve Crawford, Sr.

Jobe Duran With Carlson after winning his Gold Medal
 (1999) in Chicago.
Now an AJJ Black Belt