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American Jujitsu Fighters/ Pankration or Grappling Champions:

From AJJ Headquarters or one of our affiliate schools:

If you see any missing students shoot me an email.

Crawford's AJJ

Schneider's & Bears AJJ
Brad Jones AJJ
Phil Jones AJJ
Partridge's AJJ
Carley's AJJ
Otis AJJ
Pla's AJJ
Mai's AJJ
Woltkamp's AJJ
Tice's AJJ
Flaniken's AJJ
Dean's AJJ
Landless AJJ
Heston's AJJ
Willis AJJ
Tappendick's AJJ
Seigell's AJJ


All Fighters Please Check Your Info and E-mail me any correction

Hello Everyone, the ISCF just sent us an email about the new 2007 requirements.  Here is the portion of the email that you will have to accomplish before fighting on any ISCF sanctioned event:
ALL fighters who fight on ANY ISCF Sanctioned event MUST BE Listed in The ISCF Rankings! If they are not in the ISCF Rankings Prior to the event, they are required to register as an ISCF Fighter using this page: - The one time fee of $25 is to be paid for the background check we do on the fighter and the registration listing. As you may have noticed on the ISCF Pro and Amateur Rankings, ALL fighters are DIRECTLY linked to the Mixed Martial Arts.Com. This makes background checks and matchmaking for ISCF Event Promoters much easier.
Those of you who are not yet registered with the ISCF will need to go to the following link, print out the application, fill it out and send it in with $25 to the ISCF to register.  I know it seems like a pain in the rear but it's just another step in the right direction towards making amateur MMA more reputable.

Thank You, Steve




Flyweight: 125 lbs. & Below


Bantamweight: 125.1 - 135 lbs.


Featherweight: 135.1 - 145 lbs.


Lightweight: 145.1 - 155 lbs.


Welterweight: 155.1 - 170 lbs.


Middleweight: 170.1 - 185 lbs.


Light Heavyweight: 185.1 - 205 lbs. 


Crusierweight: 205.1 - 235 lbs. 




Heavyweight: 235.1 - 265 lbs. 


Super Heavyweight: 265.1 lbs. & UP



CONVERTING LBS. TO KG. AND BACK: For those looking to convert lbs to kg. If you have a 65 kg fighter and want to know how many lbs. that is, multiply it by 2.2. So, 65 kg X 2.2 = 143 lbs. If you have a 145 lb fighter and want to know the weight in kg, divide it by 2.2. So 145 / 2.2 = 65.90 kg. If you would like to be a fighter, click on the Fighters Form to your left.

Female fighters will compete in five weight classes:


Lightweight 124.9 lbs and less

Middleweight 125 lbs - 134.9 lbs

Light-Heavyweight 135 lbs - 149.9 lbs

Heavyweight 150 lbs - 174.9 lbs

Super Heavyweight 175 lbs and up.